dark blue.

lss has got my mind off the bed. tonight’s weather forecast indicates that the temperature will drop to 30s which means it’ll be almost or even below 0 degrees Celsius. that is one great cold night.

what should i blog about?

is this plausible?

what does that mean? that word just came into my head. lol. im so tired even if all i did was shiver.

i’ll definitely edit this when my brain has decided to function again. toodles.

back to reality.

i’ve got no stories. i deleted the hatemail thing cause it’s too immature for me to handle. haha. my phone will never ever be washed or wiped or cleaned in any way anymore. what should i talk about? my chores and all the requirements that college slapped onto my face? maybe not. all the clutter in my room? you wouldn’t like to know. the terrifying news the world has to hear every single day? no way. what should i talk about?

i need something to talk about. i’m not making any progress here.

here’s a doodle for all the world to drool on.




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