war of the worlds.

maybe that’s just a personal psychological war i’m witnessing within the depths of my noodle. between two worlds, or should i say two countries, i don’t know where to be. i’ve been in this nocturnal frenzy of waking up several times to talk with people at home cause i miss them, yet i love sleeping because that energizes and refreshes me the following morning. duh. surprisingly, i’m having fun in college – minus the drama. i’m not a pessimist to think “oh all the fun is in the philippines. i don’t belong here”.  since i was a girl, i’ve been awed by the wonders of studying somewhere else. it’s like, i won’t settle for my country cause it sucks big time. hah. i don’t know. if i analyze everything properly, which would prove to be the winning end?

in the first place, why would my noodle think of such things? i want to go home but i also want to stay cause i don’t want to miss whatever it is that i’m not going to experience there – like vegas, roadtrips with my cousins (if they’re allowed), veronica mars, snow, food food and more food, the chills, winter semester… ugh. i can’t have everything, can i? haha.

oh the drama. clearly, i can remember every speck of drama i’ve witnessed this week. i’ll forget all about it. it’s not just overrated – i reacted immaturely. sorry.


lotz. i can tell. you’re guilty. hahahaha.

yes, dears. i’m their child again. how many parents do i have?omg.

i look like some piggy kid. eww.




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