it’s not the moon at all

i want to have another emotional breakdown! come on give it to me! HAHAHA. my current adolescent and nocturnal life has suddenly leaped from emo puddle to happy happy joy joy land. i miss everybody. ahhh. it’s like i’m in some smurf land where all the smurfs are gone and i’m alone and the land isn’t sufficient enough to hold my fat. @_@ whoo. i have to NEED TO go on a diet, exercise and yes, sleep early. too bad i’m as jumpy as a jumpy ball. nye.

i thought today (or yesterday) was going to be a productive shining moment for me. no way. no how. i finished joel’s spanish speech. eh japanese speech kaya? nyeee. then after a lot of eating and sleeping, i did my spanish lab manual and compiled all my requirements.

then i arranged my schedule. i’m not sure whether i’ll get the petition to go over 18 units this year or next year, though. i’m taking csci140, math180, span2, engl1A. those are the staple subjects i can never live without (or my counselor thinks so). then i’m thinking whether i should take hist7 or mus15 or biosomething. ugh. nerdland, embrace me with your magnetic arms. +_+NOT.

it’s unbelievably not cold tonight. or maybe i’m still under the spell of some hot nee. haha. fnb lives on. hahaha. no one really knows what that means. huhuhumm.

getting kinda sleepy AND HUNGRY. oh dear. yea i weighed and discovered that i’m on the painful side of the deal. DIET TIME.

whoots. whimsical blog entries are replacing my count-all-the-flying-sheep routine.

oh well. time for snoozing to wake up and find some lovin. hahaha. i miss everybody at home ­čśŽ


12 days to gooo.


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