family and FAMILY

there’s a huge difference between belonging to some group and NOT belonging to some group. i can tell that. i can feel it. it’s like, okay, i love my family cause i do, and no matter how others treat them or what they say about it, i’d still love my family. i’m not just talking about my immediate family. it’s a bit bigger than that. there are unlikely situations when a family becomes attached to another one. yet things won’t normally go smoothly. not everything will come into place and not everybody will love everybody.

i’m just saying that.  hehe.

so much for my diet and my well-stated schedule. i had to finish my project and all the requirements in school today but nu-uh. tita bebe woke me up but i slept for a few more minutes. when i woke up, it was dark. the first few things that came into my mind when i woke up were: she woke me up. it’s dark outside (is it very early or very late?) what a dream. why did those terrorists give me pandesal before trying to kill me, trina and jv and some other person? why didn’t they want to kill mommy? i miss someone. oh even in the dream i missed someone! i have to go text him.

i don’t know what just happened but i stood up and looked at the clock. it said: 5:15. am or pm? what in the world has happened to me??? it’s 5:15 PM. i woke up too late to do anything! tita bebe woke me up cause she asked me if i’d go with them to the movies. okay. i took a bath and waited for tita taan. we watched happy feet. it was nice. the graphics were awesome. ooh someday i’ll be able to do those things. i wish. too bad i had to say au revoir to my diet during the movie. ugh. tita taan asked me if i wanted nachos with my pizza. since i didn’t really want to eat but i had to, i just said yes. little did i know that she doesn’t want nachos. i had to finish the whole box myself! ugh. i hate being blamed for wasting money/food! come on! that’s why i became so fat here. i’m such a sucker for wasting food. anyway, i threw half of the box and ate the other half of it. haha.

diet. diet. diet. it doesn’t necessarily constitute starving myself to my bones, does it? i just have to drink a lot of fluids… eat moderately oh and exercise. yes. i’m missing on that part.

i’m sleepy but i can’t sleep cause it feels so weird on not accomplishing anything today. oh well. i suck at writing these days.



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