decimal to binary; binary to decimal.

i. am. stuck.

what should i do with that??? i cannot finish this project without having some thorn released from my throat, figuratively.

oooh i wish i can finish this project cause my mind isn’t working. it’s like today’s wind blew my brain away. oooh. @_@. i’m sleepy. sleep is good. sleep is tempting but it won’t do my grade any good. there’s a big pitcher of water and i don’t know why i’m afraid to drink it. haha. it’s like when i came here, i started to be hydrophobic or something. though i don’t like drinking juices or sodas, water isn’t also something i take a lot. ooh gosh. water retention sucks. eye bags are the poise-killers of the week.

thanks lexy for that cheerful email. hahaha yes, lexi, she hasn’t changed at all and we LOVE her so much. so do her “boys” HAHAHAHA. i want to end this semester. i haven’t learned anything. ooooh. come on. all i know is spanish and err…different ways on how to write a letter complaining why the soup is cold with flies and hair on it. eew. english writing sucks too. i hate it. i’m going to take all the same subjects next semester until i finish up to the highest level possible. ngarr. add physics to that. i can become a math and physics and computer engineer when i graduate. nyahaha. oh i wish my brain can retain all that chockablock of information.

okay. time to work.

sometimes you just have to trust ’em to believe ’em. šŸ™‚

4 hours past midnight. i am wide-eyed, water-retaining and surely a wreck. ugh. wanna see how my brain / hands / eyes work? the expression of having the brain turn into soup is so high school. this is like the 5th circle of hell where i’m getting burned and torched and i don’t want to think about it. ugh. my program worked. i mean, my half worked. haha. at least it did until some big boulder named exponent karat came rolling in front of me. in reality, 10^0 = 1 and 10^1 = 10. in the stupid computer (or at least for now, the computer’s the stupid one. hehe) 10^0 = 10 and 10^1 = 11. ngaaaarrrr.

***time for emo-ments. HAHAHA. ***

one point you’ll stop and notice how much you forget about yourself to think of someone else.

one point you’ll learn how to drink water.

one point you’ll request for a surprise party on your birthday and end up surprising the one you asked a surprise for.

one point you’ll stare at the screen and smile and remember a dream where you once had 99 red balloons.

one point you’ll stop reminiscing and start thinking how you forgot to pee 3 hours ago.

one point you’ll realize how much your back, elbow and feet hurt.

one point you’ll be confronted with a lot of one point sentences and you have to stop. stop.

i’m going to unintentionally kill myself if i don’t take care of mi cuerpo. ayeeee. toodles.


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