welcome to hell, where everything is hot but i’m not. :|

charon has come to collect his coin. HAHA. did i get that name right? he’s a person from the iliad, i guess.

yea i’m not hot cause i’m SO DEAD. nye corny. was that even supposed to be a joke?! ugh. my stinging eyes are already half-closed, and it’s only 10 pm. time to sleep cause i have a long day tomorrow:

  • finish computer project.
    • code
    • personal paper
    • group paper
  • finish lab paper
  • do take-home quiz
  • bring english essay
  • fill bag with every single thing i need
  • rush to counseling room to meet my international adviser in her walk-in counseling whatever cause she’s fully booked uuuugh.
  • study for all my finals
  • wish for the best.

why am i even sleeping tonight? cause i’m tired and hell sleepy and oh yeah, it’s really nice to sleep in this kind of weather.



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