7 days.

exactly a week from now, i would be flying over the pacific wishing everything would be okay. right now, i’m hesitating on finishing all my requirements. it’s so cold that i can’t even move my butt off the seat. knowing that the santa ana winds are far from dispersing, i’m scared to fly. i’m going to miss america, that’s 50% sure. haha. but i know when i come back, i’ll miss manila. isn’t it depressing? living on two worlds gives me a headache.

yesterday, my aunt, tita irene said…you have to get straight A’s or you’ll be a shame. OKAYYY. thank you for that. i’m motivated to rocket my grades up to heaven now. it’s only 10 pm but there’s a tiny voice in my head telling me to sleep. it had been such a long day that i can’t imagine staying up until 12 tonight.

long list of things to do. longer list of things to eat. AHAHA kiddiiing. i’m happy i’m going home and i’m happy i’ve finally learned how to talk to people without getting all shy and stuff. haha. it’s one of the first times i’ve accomplished a lot in a single day (with a heavier bag too): appointment with intl adviser, project, personal remarks, group remarks, english outline, some traumatic scary events, some chitchatting with my seatmates, picture taking with the family HAHA, packing my stuff from one house to another (cause they’re back and i’m getting kicked out of tita lyn’s house ahaha), controlling my humongous appetite oooh and yes, ignoring some sophomore girl from highschool. whatever.

i’m going to miss this first semester in school. i’m a bit scared though. knowing that there’s a lot of dangerous people in this world, i’m afraid to walk alone in the dark these days. ugh. i need pepper spray or one heck of a taser or something.

four minutes to go till my wishywashy break and 20 more minutes to go till i go to bed. i’m sick. ugh. the flu. i need my mommy. hahaha.



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