hell isn’t over.

and it never will be.

until i say so.

so my weekend happened in vegas. of all the places in the world to review for my finals, it happened to be in sodom and gomorrah. vids and pics in multiply – not yet. it’s 1:34 in the morning and this is my last breath till i become insane. i haven’t completely studied for computer science yet. i think i’ll become a spanish major instead. HAHA. eek. i’ve got more spanish in me than circuits and binary numbers, and that’s heck drastic. i’ve just finished writing my english essay, folding my fresh clothes, packing my things in a paper bag (haha yea i’ll transfer them tomorrow to THE box. looool) and here i am. blogging. AGAIN.

why can’t i stop? hahahaha.it’s like drugs – addicting. like water – refreshing. and last but not least…like a stress ball – stressing.

last two numbers to fulfill my dream major’s exam.

last two days until my feet leave the all-american soil.

last two weeks till christmas.

last two. last two things to do before i sleep: brush my teeth. pray.

i’m a pig now. time to sleep cause it can hasten my metabolism and enhance my memory.

we have this all time vip pass to studio54. or whatever the number is. too bad i can’t come in cause i’m YOUNG. what the heck.hhahahahaa. where are you? i need you with me. we don’t need a disco to have fun, right?

memories from the city of sin. i was there to make the place meet hell.


cause i’m hawttt with a triple T for trisha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

too bad all my HAWTTT pictures are in tita lyn and tita irene’s camera. huhuhu. double LOL.

LOL. @_@

*wish i had you there. wish i have you here. haha neeee šŸ˜¦



kay. insanity’s coming right up. it’s not a nice sight so…TOODLES!!!


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