unprecedented reality

school. i’m happy it’s ending. and i’m pretty sad for the same frigid reason. i’m regretting i didn’t start with a clean jumpy, giddy, active state, but what have i learned in my stay here? no regrets. they only give me wrinkles. for a short period of time, i’ve learned a lot from what “the real world” has slapped me on to.

late nights and choppy sleeping hours gave me a lot of problems this year. i’m learning – i’m going to stay till morning. HAHA.

cramming and procrastination can only lead to one thing: MORE cramming.

friends are everywhere waiting to be known. all it takes is a single hi or even more, “how was your weekend?”.

the sticky attachment to home is strong enough to make the philippines go halfway the pacific. but. i. learned. to. let. go.  it isn’t a matter of forgetting the people i love nor is it an uprisal against my own color but i have to. i have to live here, too.

school. someone asked me what’s with mit that i so want. i feel like bursting into tiny bubbles filled with even more tiny bubbles that are filled with…you get the picture. what’s with mit? i believe i’ll grow there. i feel that the particular school is the best possible education i can find for myself. also, the environment’s diversity will suffice my craving for a mere world youth everyday day. i want to help the world and maybe that school can teach me and open me to more opportunities i’ve never been able to see before.

i’d participate and help; maybe someday i can save the world like spongebob. seriously speaking, i want to be in that school because if only i’d try harder, i can. yea, my mom and dad believe in me. maybe even some of my loved ones believe in me too… that’s enough for me to keep going. it’s one girl’s call for change or improvement or levitation to a higher state never understood by the human mind. no one knows.

i’ll try. i am trying.

trying hard to fall asleep. and stay asleep. and review while sleeping.



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