first few days

it’s saturday and i’m still on jetlag. why oh why.

mommy said, my mom was so excited to see me…err…but she’s not paying attention or whatever whenever i talk so i don’t think that she still wants me here. haha. the hustle and bustle of fresh polluted air in this forsaken land is so amazing. i’m shocked at the way people drive and all. i don’t think they’d let me drive here, though. the only thing they do is reprimand me for not getting an A for precalculus. according to my folks, i should sleep early, concentrate and study study study. guess what? i didn’t come here to hear all those rants, please. i’m old enough to know what i’m doing.

that’s why i’m at home on a hot saturday night. it’s supposed to be family night but i’m tired and i’d rather speak with nee than go out and drink. ah. drinking. those were the days when all that mattered was the exploading foam from the mouth of the bottle. and i used to go crazy by mouthing the whole bottle just for foam. it was crazy. now i’m more refined. haha. my last few days in america and something that slipped on some conversation with my aunt made me think that it’s not about partying and everything.

i thought i came here to party but heck no. i came here for something better than partying. 🙂

and some hottie said it’s also more important than  MIT. hah. true true.

to the other people who think i have money to spend on you…well i don’t even if i want to. it depends on the crowd, too. please.

to the one i’m hanging out with on monday, god, i so love you. hahah 🙂 🙂

to the gay who chopped half of my hair off, thanks for making me look more FILIPINO. oh please. i’m never ever going to avail of bench fix’s services in our area. they’re too unprofessional and cheap.

to all my other friends, i’m so happy and excited to see you =D

so what makes me tick this time? i don’t know. something’s not right. why is the house so messy? why does it smell so bad? why are my parents spoiling my brother with all those expensive toys if his proper treatment should be banning the darn gadgets? well, yea i am looking for gimmicks but not tonight. please. the haircut was too much drama for me to handle. i now look like some anime freakazoid or something. but i guess this leaves me a few more options: a. chop it off some more. b. love it. c. complain forever until it grows and grows. d. cover it with some bandana and look like an emo backstreet boy crossdresser. enk enk enk. b is the answer…or i might just end up doing a which is so wrong. haha. okay time to go cause tomorrow’s going to be an early day for soccer  (for nee) and general house cleaning (for me). toodles!


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