what if there are no stars?

some things are better whispered.

and some other things are better eaten – just like two canisters of piknik.

with so many things to do, people to meet, i’ve got little time for telling it all to the world. as i’ve said, partying isn’t on top of my list this season. it’s about filling every second with special moments worth the trip. nothing much today except for the fact that i’m craving for more quality time. tomorrow is school day. the day after that is yet unplanned. for saturday, it’s an unsure trip with the summer campers. well, i don’t know yet.

i’ve just finished watching the devil wears prada. next is casanova. the sudden burst of love in the room makes me want to watch little manhattan. there’s irony, yes, but i still want to watch it. while waiting for nee, i’ll eat. HAHA. at least my weight is showing up on the good side of town.

buzz if needed.

welcome home to the philippines, where boredom isn’t as boring as in america. haha.

golly. i wish they won’t disappoint me cause i’m as hell excited as a kid opening christmas presents this christmas. if they do, let me assure myself (for i am a person of assurance and calculated risks) that we can do it on our own, without their help.

is that right?



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