stripes and polka dots and SHEER leggings

so little time. so much to love about.

yesterday, i went to school and all i heard them say were these few unsurpassable lines: “why are you here?” “what in the world are you doing here?” “shouldn’t you be in america?”

my very late entrance startled mrs. berns but they still moved on with the meeting. i joined in. now, the rest of the sandiwa yearbooks are with me, so please people, get it from my house or see me so i can give it to you! jhonah and i missed the cheering and rhythmic and pep performances because we’re such late bloomers! haha. after a lot of planning and invitationally crazed talks, we decided to eat at karakuch.

before the talks, i went up to see sr. cristeta and ms. lagud. oh how i miss the whole faculty! haha. thanks for the calendar, ate minmin šŸ™‚

we ate at karakuch and had some pentax (i’m not using kodak, eh lol) moments. oh how i missed those too!

after that, we took a tricycle ride back home and planned for the whole day. jhonah and the stayed here while tere left to enroll. after the ym blues and dopey cheesemax, we left for UST Paskuhan. mwahaha.

we rode the fx. my dear, that was my first fx ride since i arrived! haha. we roamed in ust and ate and did whatever. the sets of people looked alike! they dressed and talked alike. they even had the same styles of hair on their heads! gosh! HAHA. well, i was culture shocked, what can i say, huh?

mom picked me up and we went straight home.

i’m just too bored to rant about today. nothing great happened but the fact that i talked most of the time with nee. whoopee. oh, and i’m meeting lexi and franics later at starbucks, convergy’s. i’m so stuck with sims2 on psp right now. someone please reiterate the “patam’s going to give a party” news to me. haha. okay fine i’ll do it myself.

eia said that char said that hbr said that i’m having a party. i asked hbr on why she told char who told eia that i’m having a party and she said that jhonah was the one who told her the news. when i told jhonah, tere heard it and said to me that krizza told her that lexi told her that i AM having a party. well, guys, i’ll think about it. haha. okay. the tremor of loud welcoming did welcome me and teach me a few lessons in hand.

i’m not going to wear those patent shoes, polka dot tops, huge waist belts, striped naval tunics, or whatever pure retro pop themed outfit ever again. oh please. they all looked the same! leggings, UGH. maybe i saw 20 people wearing the same sheer pair of super short leggings last night – matched with a mini and some flats. oh eek.



so yeah, i did meet francine…and we did drink at STARBUCK. she kept texting the whole time we were there! haha. i thought that her friend was going too but nu uh. something unexpected was about to happen. we went home so she can get her yearbook and i found trina’s friends covering all their faces with the big pillows. i was about to do some nasty homily but instead, kissed tita irene first and noticed that there were a lot of food on the table. then i saw mika’s face smiling at me from the other side of the pillow haha. then they all took off the pillows and sang “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” WAHAHAHA. i was so startled! omg francine! you tricked me! was i dreaming?

i saw them all! i was so surprised to see that ther HAHA. on the nearest couch were mika, nezzy, kdv and lexi. on the opposite side, yani, jhongs, hbr and jhonah were there! OMG. haha that’s according to their respective seating arrangement and yes, I AM SO HAPPY!!! HAHAHA THANK YOU GUYS!

we ate and laughed and took pictures and all those crazy stuff. omg. i’m still speechless. hahaha.

just go check my multiply. i’m still awed by the fact that they’re so thoughtful and loving and hahahaha omg SWEET. aww. hahahahaha.




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