a sense of heat

hello hello. can you feel christmas? can you feel it? smell it? whatever.

i can’t. not THAT much. the large probability of me not feeling the sentimental whatnots of the season can be blamed to the absence of bibingka and puto bungbong from my taste buds and stomach and the rest of my digestive system. but what the heck, traffic’s killing the essence of the holiday too. i miss someone. heehee.

thanks nee for the gh trip. well, who’s the man now, huh? HAHA. The movie deck the halls is kind of uhm… CORNY. but it’s okay. it’s the typical neighbor feud over christmas lights which end up blowing up into something too hollywood which end with a reconciliation and dramatic singing. the movie is only half bad, though. why? nee was there and he kept on tickling me. HAHA. of all places. i almost burst intolaughter and that would’ve caused our cinematic exile. haha.

if i’m not lazy, pictures shall appear. if i am, oh too bad, everything i pass shall be a trash jungle.

i’m getting sleepy. pappy doodles looked like a kid with a lot of wormies in that big tummy. HAHA. eew.

nicki’s a sucker for all his gadgets. he’s already using this lappie until i told him i’d use the 360. he went up and screamed at me. so i went to the other room. eh. now, the lappie is all mine! mwahaha. i have a strong feeling that my dad will give this to me some day. HAHAHAHAHA.  the specs are A-OKAY. i like this but it’s too big for me considering that i’m this short and the laptop is THIS heavy. ooh wait, it comes with a matching bag, pala. whoooo. yay. strong feeling, please come true. strong feeling, come down and reincarnate as the truth and as the future. haha. labo.

…that i couldn’t bear to touch. (comes with the title) – it’s not your fault. new found glory

i miss blogging. now that i’m stuck at home on a lonely friday night, i’m finding it really cozy to take pictures of myself. oh la di da. i really am sleepy. hmm. one of the many things i miss is the listaholisim i have, so here, a list to satisfy the insomnia in me.

things/reasons that make me sleep easily:

-stress and exhaustion


-my eyes looking sideways for more than 3 minutes

-direct torture from the electric fan

-dry yet windy summer noons

-punk music

-precalculus. computer science. english. spanish.

-closing my eyes.

-blinking really fast.

-thinking of sheep. not the flying ones, please, they make me puke.

-exercise or any strenuous activity

-alcohol – askmommydear. but i won’t. nu uh. right, nee?:)


-cold air.

-thinking of sleeping.

-oh last one. AFTER eating.

…that’s why i’m fat. fat. faaaaat. blerp.


ps. mom wants us to run again. yay.

pps. i’m loving the psp music and background.

ppps. sleep is good and so is food.


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