i’m gonna cook!!!

I. Vanity and all that jazz.

Thanks to the firming mask and ponds wash, my face now feels having a newborn baby’s butt cheek’s skin. I’m so loving what I alloted for today: ostentatious practises i used to do 6 months ago. Another thing I’m starting today is let the world know about my desperate desire to slim down. I just have to take off the tummy and arm fat. wahaha.

I’ll get my butt of by 2:30 pm. Now’s just a blogging, digesting time. Time to make the menu for tomorrow.


II. Death and Reincarnation.

I ran. no. I jogged. no. I walked. HAH. i did some brisk walking on the treadmill for a little more than 20 minutes and what did i get? a glimpse of hell. HAH. TOO BAD. I was jogging at one point when i suddenly turned the speed down. Then, I accidentally hit the emergency button and it stopped. I had to pick the emergency magnet which fell on the floor, too. When I stoop up, everything was turning blue. yes, that’s right. I have these tiny blue streaks or whatever whenever i see light or whenever my eyes are strained or whenever i don’t know..I’M GOING TO BLACK OUT. i’m sorry for myself cause i’m not the runner i used to be. hahaha. being the ever religious me, i got my bracelet and froze at the spot. I literally did NOT move a muscle. I called onto ate ging and told her i’m getting dizzy but i guess i was babbling too hard that she didn’t mind me. In order to save my precious life, i opened the door and sat at the edge of the bed, still not moving as much. Too make this boring near-death experience short, it eventually stopped and the blood stopped sucking all the life out of my brain.

hah. nee’s still busy so i’m here blabbing it out to the world. i’m now a pathetic writer, attention-lover and suck-up for cardio exercises.  i wish i can go back to america, where the whole gym is mine for the taking. naaaah. scratch that. i love it here, even if i get fat, people will love me. HAHA.

tomorrow, i shall run again. for 30 minutes.  that’s 10 minutes plus today.

eek. pilates mom, where are you?

III. Social Liberties and Fashion Snazz.

mom told us about a friend who got a whole floor for his son. a whole floor in prince of jaipur. the kid’s studying in wherever in america. oh the prestige.

yea yea.

mom, i wish i can go to mit. would you rent the whole visayan area for me? haha.

yesterday, i saw some guy getting of a tricycle. big deal? yea. he was wearing a fur hoodie. not much of a big deal? WE ARE IN A TROPICAL PLACE NEAR THE EQUATOR. okay, not much of a big deal since it’s going to be IN THE SHIZZLE, MOFO.

this morning trina saw me fitting those gorgeous rampage pants. heh. it’s nothing much of a great pair but I AM LOVING IT.

IV. love and food.

there’s a difference between true love and love for food. love for food requires water.



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