the holiday.

words of the great nicholas himself:

-you liar!

-papa stop snoring! papa enough! stop sleeping!

-what if there’s no sky?

-what if there are no stars?

-oh my god jesus christ!

-oh-my-god! (with the british accent)

-dede daw!

-si snappy si snappy. tidideedideedee.

it’s christmas noon and i’m waiting for someone to call. scratch that. all the waiting i did wasn’t enough so i had to indulge in the constant initiative i have in me. i called instead. merry christmas nee. 🙂

is it normal for people to sit down and just start crying with no understandable reason at all? am i growing old? it’s like every tear comprises of whatever emotion left in hand. happiness and every shallow thing imaginable is heard on those tiny sobs. grief or whatever malicious speck of emotion there is in this devil-ruled world is absolutely there in that running drop of salty water, a tear. i’m not sure on what i’m blabbing about but heck, i felt it. living today, in this present moment and not pondering on the future or mesmerizing over the past is fulfilling. they say this is the way of the yogi. i say this is how one feels when s\he is contented and happy or whatever.

oh the drama.

it’s christmas and i’m wasting my time blogging about TEARS. dad wants to go to greenhills. i want to buy the sims2 collection, so that i won’t have to download it for a week.

i’m disappointed but i’m also happy.  don’t disappoint me again, okay? 🙂

here come the tears.



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