food is good.

tell me it’s all brought by boredom so i won’t have to run the treadmill tonight.

supposed to be, i had something DEEP to write about tonight. conversely, the brain lost all its chemical power to fuel me with something. the sims 2 game didn’t work and i’m in desperate need of an alternative activity. i feel fat and heavy but my mind says otherwise: do not run, the treadmill will kill you. do not exercise, you’re still not too fat. what the heck. my lower back is killing me already and i miss swimming. unconnected to that is the idea that i so want to go to tagaytay because of the nice cold and peaceful atmosphere. haha. i’ll wake up really early tomorrow to jog or do whatever. for tonight, it’s all about whining and yearning for something better to do to hit me in the face or wherever.

i’m bored and time flies by so fast that boredom seems to be a cloud of wonder.

give me something to do. please.



i am such a hypocrite to my one and only SELF. hah. what to do when there’s nothing to do? do that which one hates to do. I JOGGED. i’ve seen a colossal improvement from my last near-death attempt to sweat off my inner fat. tonight, i ran for 30 minutes, shedding off 180 calories, which is relevantly better than… 60 calories in 20 minutes. eew.

tomorrow, i shall run again. the 8.5 speed is what i’m getting used to. yay. i have to get back to my 86 pound bod. HEH. i miss the ultra light feeling. parang napkin.

to the search item saying “tagalog ng sucks”, it’s sipsip. puhleeze. to the person searching with “saving moolah”, one tip, don’t waste money by smoking or drinking or partying without some good spon-b****-sor. HEH. prince of jaipur playlist? sorry don’t have it. dance with me on the ocean floor? if you’re looking for the song, it’s called THE MATING GAME by BITTERSWEET. if you just want to dance on the ocean floor, me too.

so where’s my cute dance partner? playing rf. haha. cuuute noh?

i wish mom’s right about the future of this blog.  🙂

she’s making me work, by the way. something with the consulting company oh and something with candy magazine. i wiiish these shall pursue.

since christmas is over, i’m changing the template to another season, but i’m not quite sure what this season is. heh.

time to go and take a bath. i’m stinking sweaty like snappy the stinky stinging stupid silly sultry fisssh. O.o



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