back to the basics.

happy birthday miks!

growing up is such a wondrous gift. oh i wish i can stop it.

if only the earthquake made the philippines closer to america, then we’d all be happy and there’d be more “rape” cases on the rise. i’ve been filtering through my thoughts for a while just so i can write anything meaningful. the problem is, i’m still stuck on my last motivational moment that i can’t think of anything else. i want to study in that different school because i’m not getting what i want in that current institution. i’m getting robbed of my intellectual neurons so often that this third world country bests that american institution. i cannot believe it. that perception makes me feel like i’ve made one big mistake. they’re having so much fun here in the philippines. the people are nicer and the food is way better. there’s a life fuller than that of which i’m having in the land of the free. come to think of it, i left that certain filipino lifestyle i’m wanting right now.

lesson learned, i cannot have everything, nor can anybody else. for years since who-knows-when, men have quest on getting the elixir of life to live forever – is that what they really want? a lot have asked about our existence but have we ever found the answer? no one knows and heck- back to me cause i’m selfish haha – i’ll never know where i’ll be happy (institutionally speaking for that matter).

one thing’s for sure though. i’m happy with the people i love and depend on. oh the spirit of the season is getting up to my head.



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