with the death of saddam hussein and a scandalous act by whoever’s on the front page of entertainment weekly, some things are worth remembering.  one good example is the fact that my dad likes april boy and he wants to pop the pimple on my nose. another consideration i must remember gives me goosebumps – i might not be able to go to the hed kandi party this february.

is his death worth the death of all those innocent men? i don’t think so. we don’t justifyingly fight fire with fire as much as we kill for the killed. it’s unreasonable and immoral. who should then be the judge if there’s such a huge debate on capital punishment? god. then some other debate would take place – which god? whose god is the right god? no one knows. okay let’s settle it by generalizing the fact that there IS a god. after this enters yet a new problem. why are we doing this? do we have to fight most of the time in order to get what we want or believe what we think is proper? the answer? no one knows for sure, either. so back to the question. is his death worth? if all the related questions are left unanswered then why do we result to such a weak, unsupported conclusion?

how can we be sure of what is right if we are still capable of making mistakes?

what about it?



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