Should. Would. Could. Not.

When I go back here next year, I’M NOT TELLING THE PEOPLE WHEN I’M LEAVING. Wahaha. I kind of wasted all that vacation time idling in front of the computer instead of going out – why? because people thought “oh she’s not leaving yet so i won’t bother her this time.” what’s the problem with that? I’m now cramped up and I’m having trouble fitting it all in. I guess I have to know my priorities by this time since I only have this week and next week to spare. This isn’t going to end up good if random people ask for random lunches or dinners then backout at the last minute or whatever. Crap. I’m going to miss everybody – most especially my family, nee (he’s family!) and all the yummy goodness Philippine cuisine has to offer. In the sense that my music is so much aggravating the situation, I shall try not to romanticize my entry.

Ahh. I hate it. Even my grandma’s choosing her asthmatic son over me – and I’m leaving next week! We haven’t had our quality time yet and she’s still picking her damned spoiled son!!! ARGH. This crappy life makes me wish I have all the time in the world – but having it would make everything meaningless, eh? The duration gives us the emphasis of something; I guess this is why people have long tried to look for the elixir of life. They want to surpass eras and whatnots.

Ugh. Whatever. I need water.


Starbucks Planner

Great. I’m supposed to write something about the upcoming spring trends but I’m too lazy to review them. This week shall be quite hectic but I’m getting all fed up by the hassle of making sure everything’s okay with the plan. But IT’S ALL GOOD. IT’S ALL GOOD.

Truthfully speaking, I’m starting to like the urgency for me to be in several places at the same time. It’s makes me feel wanted. HEHEHE.

I just hate it when people stalk and get angry for having me nag them to stop. Blahblah. The new scent is Lanvin. I’m going to buy that. Woo.

Of Passion and Art

Time-tested and proven true, passion is what we people dream and live for. Men and women alike have been pretty much ideal in their ways. There is no person without a dream. We are all born dreamers. We all have a vision of how life goes and ends, of how it can all be made possible. Proof of this is through art, whatever medium of art it may be. I’ll name a classic and you can say who made it – and even the other way around. How? It’s through their hardwork and strong desire to achieve something good – something bigger than them.

I myself believe in such things. Though I’m only in the process of actualization and enlightenment of such proposition, I can say it does make me feel alive. I’ll cut the chase and tell you what I’ve acquired in highschool and in my first semester in college across the globe.

Doing too much is one thing I can’t really eradicate from my system. I’m such a perfectionist that I end up overdoing the piece. It looks good but it doesn’t always look exceptional. Being a procrastinator also becomes a hurdle whenever I’m being such a high-nosed artist. Life doesn’t have to be too hectic. It doesn’t even have to be too empty either. Art imitates life in this way. Everything has to be in moderation or else everything would seem like a joke.

Want something? Go get it. The things we want all come with a price – like having to stay up late, run all the way from the screening gate to the gym just to take pictures of simultaneous events, leaving home for my future’s sake and all that jazz. If you want something, make sure you do want it for all the right reasons and go for them. You know you’ll face a challenge so be prepared enough to bring water, a camera, your crush’s picture and some candy when the going gets tough. I know I did.

Sometimes the requirements for a certain project aren’t as likable as we all are. It’s pretty freaking ugly – like making a program out of nothing, computing for the binary representation of something while making an educated guess whether drugs should be legalized or not – all at the same time, being persuaded to draw and paint and take pictures and document every single day of my life. I don’t like them all but I have to. I complained and I still am ranting about all of the unreasonable activities I have to do. What’s the prize for all of this? Art. Art doesn’t necessitate a brush and a canvas, nor a camera. It is everywhere you look. You just have to see the beautiful side of the scene. It’s the art of learning how to look at life positively – that’s how I got through.

One last thing. If you’re happy or depressed or just plain bored, get a camera or grab a pen and some paper. Take a peep and you’ll learn how to look at things in a different perspective. It’s a good stress reliever too.

What do you think? This is too much for that talk, huh? 🙂 I should probably translate this in spanish or tagalog or make a powerpoint. That way, it would all be too old school. I’m beginning to get bored by my style. It’s too plain and generic and erratic. Ugh. I hate it – or do I?

Good night 🙂

mom-nicki conversation.

Mama: ang baboy ng sulat mo! ayusin mo yan!
Nicki: hindi!!! maganda sulat ko!!!
Mama: oo na. ang ganda ganda ng sulat mo. pinakamagandang sulat na nakita ko!
Nicki: babarilin ko yung mga baboy!!!

Congrats, Disband!

The feelings that going back to school gave me are UNEXPLAINABLE. The overnight make-up pizza party at Sexy Lexi’s house is TERRIFIC. I’m speechless and I feel ugly and beautiful all at the same time.



Today, I was thinking of greeting Jhonahmona mukang buwaya parang bata! with a bang but I ended up greeting her late in the evening instead. For a sensible entry I decided to write a blind item column but that didn’t pursue either. Ugh. Procrastination is the key to boredom and boredom is the door to hell – and I hate it. I. HATE. IT.

Last night, Mother Dear, Nicki and I were so excited for Nicki’s fieldtrip. This morning, time didn’t let us do that. We only joined in one out of five activities because we had to convoy and do everything in a really unorganized itinerary. Anyway, this morning was spend in Jollibee and Starbucks. After drinking the white chocolate whatever drink, the coffee drained all my appetite out of me – hah, the perfect diet and energy drink. We joined the school when they arrived at the Koi land or whatever. The kids were given bottles filled with pellets and they can feed the fish. Cute huh? Since we missed the activity before that, which was going to the rainforest or whatever, I was glad to take pictures and not worry about getting dengue or malaria.

After 30 minutes or so, the kids’ short span of attention gave them away. Most were already buying their souvenirs (poor fish in plastic bags) and then going back to the bus. We went back to the car. Ugh. The place was so hot my glands weren’t able to bear it, if you know what I mean. HAHAHA. ew.

We followed the bus until Museo Pambata but Nicki wanted to go home. I still wanted to shop and Mother Dear did, too. GREAT! We went to MOA but ended up buying Nicki an expensive game he didn’t like instead. I didn’t buy anything cause Mom and I kept on arguing and Nicki was having a fit. After dropping Nicki off the house, we decided to go to The Block to shop. Eh. We went to the grocery. I wanted to buy stuff but I’m too picky and that cost me a lot of time and leg power! Anyway, this is pointless so I’ll just man the house cause we’re all paranoid.


Queen Baking Soda.

I started this entry with something substantial but I’ve just decided that I’m too shallow today to write one. Instead, I’d tell the world about Queen Baking Soda.

My face felt like a field of barnacles, and a voice deep inside of my noodle-like brain kept on nagging me to slough all my skin off. I tried the firming mask but all I got was a smoother cheek area. Those ugly dots are still there!! I wanted to get some brown sugar since that’s what I normally use for exfoliating but I was too lazy to go down. The internet provided me with a lot of substitutes for a commercial facial scrub – and for sugar, too. The cheapest and best reviewed recipe was with baking soda. 3 parts baking soda mixed with 1 part water will be enough to make a thick, effective facial scrub. I tried it. All the pain in the world was contained in that small popped pimple I had on my cheek. I had to rinse it off immediately. Like a painful miracle, my face became so smooth and my black and white heads are now swimming down the drain. From what I’ve learned today, baking soda can be used in many ways. For personal healthcare, it can be used as a facial or body scrub – next time I’ll try mixing it with ingredients other than water, deodorant (err), teeth whitener – try dabbing the toothbrush with baking soda topped with the toothpaste. Why am I even sharing this? HAHA.

There. I hated the feeling but I liked the effect. This is how mankind survived – by learning from mistakes and by making sacrifices for the bigger, smoother goodness.

Tomorrow, Mother Dear wanted me to go with her to accompany Nicki in his fieldtrip. Nicki’s excited. I’m excited, too. While the kids are playing in some Storyland Adventure, I’ll be shopping for whatever good thing I find. I’m excited for a lot of things coming up. YIPEE. 😀


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