mom: so where do you buy your groceries?
me: sometimes in costco…but if there’s an emergency we go to albertsons cause that’s near the apartment.
dad: really? you buy at RICHARDsons???

dad: come here, anak, i’ll pop your pimple.

me: hi pa!
dad: …
me: pa! won’t you even look at me?
dad: …
me: ask me what my grade is!
dad: …hmm?
me: ask me what my grade is!!!
dad: what?
me: yaaay! i got a 3.74!
dad: …
me: come on papa! 3.74!!!
dad: what does that mean?
me: 4 is the highest!
dad: …
me: whatever! bbye!
dad: eeeh!!!

crap. even my dad gets soupy moments. hahaha. nevertheless, i’m quite happy for learning that i got a grade above 3 and a little below 4. i sure won’t be able to have a perfect 4 but i’ll try to make the difference very small.

crap. again. i got up at 5 in the morning! that’s half of my usual waking time. trina had to go to school already. her usual alarm clock, which was some hiphop beat prancing on her phone, didn’t wake her. ate ging did. instead, i was the victim of my sister’s supposed waking item. (what’s up with that word haha) trying to get back to sleep, the day’s itinerary rose up to my brain and got my attention. this time, my brain itself didn’t allow me to dream again. i’m supposed to meet jhonah and she told me to meet her at mcdo. which mcdo?!

it turns out that it is the mcdo in eastwood. it also turns out that someone surprised me instead. thanks nee!!! iloveyousomuchthatthisblogcan’tcontainit!haha. the movie kasal kasali kasalo or kkk or whatever they call it is so outrageously funny. every filipino relationship cliche is there! haha.Ā  i love every single thing in this day. overwhelming things don’t have to be too great nor too minimal. sometimes things in moderation can boost an entire happiness meter (yes, i’m influence by the sims hahaha).

good things, may all these last.



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