she misses.

i miss you. i really do.
i miss a lot of things.
i miss a lot of people.
you. i miss you.
our dog, i miss it too. i feel depressed when i hear random barks at night.
you again. why am i so selfishly obsessed? hahaha. i still miss you.
what do i do when such height in emotion goes so low? too low.
it’s that time of day when everything stands still but my fingers jamming on the keyboard, typing nothing but complaints and utter selfish words.
by the way, i cried when i watched poseidon today. it felt like the water rushed to my lungs and flooded my tearglands. no one’s losing anyone. i don’t want to lose you. i’m not. you’re right there. i still miss you.
oh if my cousins read this they’ll tease me for being so dramatic. well what can i say, that’s automatic! O.o
i guess koreanovelas aren’t as bad as they sound. there’s that bollywood oscar award-winning spine-tingling kissing scene, and a whole lot of wrong grammar written on the subtitles below.
gosh i so miss you…even if we both don’t watch koreanovelas.
will someone please tell me why in the world am i wishing for one thing over and over and over again?
i’m not telling what that wish is, since no one would dare ask, but heck, will the wish-fulfiller please answer my wish? i’d have to wait a little longer to see the outcome, though. šŸ™‚
oh pleasepleaseplease.

toodles. :p


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