wishes and crap.

This just came to me like a racing bolt down from the heavens that hit my butt: what will I do on my 18th? 🙂 hmhmmm. sweet, huh? everybody’s seemingly celebrating their 18th birthday with booms and bangs or hushes and kazooms (no idea what those stand for though). What will I do? hmm.

Option 1: Have a sweet family dinner? (I can’t say quiet since my family’s far from becoming one.)
Option 2: Go on a road trip with my friends or with my family? (where? vegas?! it’s overrated and underwhelming. Vegas is like our second home in america and even if i’d love to go there, it would be very boring for us minors to enjoy the ripe fruits of sin city)
Option 4: Stare at the four walls of my room and wish for my fairy godmother to save me.
Option 5: Do nothing. absolutely nothing.
Option 6: Complain the whole day that MY day is trashy.
Option 7: Listen to the whole Hed Kandi collection and dance my night away…in my room…with Chloe and tita irene’s new pup. @_@
Option 8: Sleep and hope for whatever.

99 red balloons, please. I just want to hug you that day, please? more to come later. toodles 🙂

I feel like someone’s controlling everything in this life. Why of all places would I be there on my birthday? Why does it have to be this year that I celebrate my birthday along with going to school on the same year? This isn’t making any sense and I shouldn’t be emphasizing on a simple 18th birthday either. A lot of other people in this world don’t celebrate their 18th birthday. Some don’t care. Eh, some can’t do anything about doing whatever. I rememer my classmate. She celebrated but she also went to work that day…but she had her family and friends in front of her to greet her. oh great. It’s a matter of proximity again, isn’t it? NOT AGAIN.


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