Equilibrium. And Kokomo.

There IS such a thing as… wrong intuition – and I thank God that I thought wrong. This is one of the best days ever, though I slightly ruined it with my paranoia. Bleh. BUT in any way I look at it, though I’d follow my great big tendency to either romanticize my life or ruin it all at the same time, I DID HAVE CHOCKABLOCKS AND LOADS AND GARGANTUAN HEAPS OF FUN FUN F.U.N.

Do I have to say each and every single jolly good moment of that wonderful day? not really but I’m glad to share some: I became Nikko’s mom for the day. HAHA. That was fun. HAH. The almost Golden Globes award winning drama didn’t pursue because Nee and Tal were allowed to go to eastwood with me. Little did I know that we were going to stay at White Plains instead. HEHE. I almost starved myself to death – but I couldn’t help the food so I gave in and ate some. We can add the wrong intuition part here – but there’s a lot more. Eastwood came and they had to go. Tita (ATE) Joy, Melai and I saw Champ from Hale and Rico Blanco from Rivermaya and whoever else that were there. The Melicors, Yap, Agustin and Amparos roamed around, sat down while listening to monotonous (sorry tita joy hehe) HALE, and we had fun too. Why in the world am I your sugar momma, babies? haha. crap. …just because I’m americanized. HAHAHAHA JOOOKE. I’ll probably upload the pictures tomorrow ’cause I myself am too hectic to upload all the spazz tonight. Thanks to Aeropostale, Cavaricci and Tommy Hilfiger for my outfit. Thanks to Wilkins for my water. Thanks to Altoids and the green lip mint for that refreshing feeling. Thanks to TITA JOY for being the paparazzi of the night. HAhaHA.

Thanks God, the day is over and a new day is on the loose. Now I’m paranoid with having my hair rebonded this morning. Mother dear choked me into it. Since I virtually didn’t wear my glasses today…I’m a blind person for tonight. GRRREAT.

But yes, nothing can stop the happiness inside me. HAHAHA.

Now’s something substantial. Does it help to sleep early? YES IT DOES. Believe me. Just do. No questions; no buts; no whatnots. Good night dear world. See you later.


Heck. The frequency is still tuned to WOULDN’T IT BE NICE ’cause (read this but don’t breathe because it should be a breath-taking feeling!) ilovebeinglegalandiloveyoulikeiloveyouthat’swhyilikeyouheehee.


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