To a pathetic creature: Why the heck do you copy me? Sheesh. Maybe I should start by starting all over again until you realize how pathetic your life is. Get it? Probably not. A simple “knock yourself out” expression didn’t even reach your brain. It stayed in the void between your eyes and your skull.

Back to the world:

Girls and your lashes, you HAVE to love this.

It’s the Sephora Professional Mini Heated Lash Curler. I’m sick and tired of having my eyelids pinched whenever I use the scissor-type lash curlers so here’s my newest gizmo. HAHA. Oooh this will probably be the first thing I’d buy when I get back to dear old land of the free, where my lash curler won’t be.


toodles? won’t use it anymore. the word has been disgraced. HAHA. HECK. GO AWAY YOU PUG.


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