Great, eh?

One of these days, I’d come up with something brilliant – I just don’t know which day that would be.

WELCOME TO MY MY MATERIAL WORLD, (where self-loving is a commandment).

After 2-3 days of thinking about what I’ll waste my money on, here’s my to-buy list. I’d review them after I buy them. HEH.

* a new mp3 player – IF my psp won’t get upgraded.
* that sephora lash curler
* an epilator – it’s a girl thing.
* red and/or black pumps.
* a new ring. (any riiing. my right hand ring addiction lead me to the right fad.)
* my stash of complete hypochondriac vitamins
* a new slimming belt.
* a lavander mini dress
* that panasonic pore cleanser with mist
* that dichroic necklace and ring. oooh love it.

More will be added but few will be bought. Let’s see.  Ah. By the end of this week, I will have bought all the necessary (and not so needed) stuff so that I’d be preoccupied enough to forget that I’m bored. Great, isn’t it?

I’m pissed. My face feels dirty. Say hello to the effects of my adolescent hormonal imbalances. Later.


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