Today, I was thinking of greeting Jhonahmona mukang buwaya parang bata! with a bang but I ended up greeting her late in the evening instead. For a sensible entry I decided to write a blind item column but that didn’t pursue either. Ugh. Procrastination is the key to boredom and boredom is the door to hell – and I hate it. I. HATE. IT.

Last night, Mother Dear, Nicki and I were so excited for Nicki’s fieldtrip. This morning, time didn’t let us do that. We only joined in one out of five activities because we had to convoy and do everything in a really unorganized itinerary. Anyway, this morning was spend in Jollibee and Starbucks. After drinking the white chocolate whatever drink, the coffee drained all my appetite out of me – hah, the perfect diet and energy drink. We joined the school when they arrived at the Koi land or whatever. The kids were given bottles filled with pellets and they can feed the fish. Cute huh? Since we missed the activity before that, which was going to the rainforest or whatever, I was glad to take pictures and not worry about getting dengue or malaria.

After 30 minutes or so, the kids’ short span of attention gave them away. Most were already buying their souvenirs (poor fish in plastic bags) and then going back to the bus. We went back to the car. Ugh. The place was so hot my glands weren’t able to bear it, if you know what I mean. HAHAHA. ew.

We followed the bus until Museo Pambata but Nicki wanted to go home. I still wanted to shop and Mother Dear did, too. GREAT! We went to MOA but ended up buying Nicki an expensive game he didn’t like instead. I didn’t buy anything cause Mom and I kept on arguing and Nicki was having a fit. After dropping Nicki off the house, we decided to go to The Block to shop. Eh. We went to the grocery. I wanted to buy stuff but I’m too picky and that cost me a lot of time and leg power! Anyway, this is pointless so I’ll just man the house cause we’re all paranoid.



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