Should. Would. Could. Not.

When I go back here next year, I’M NOT TELLING THE PEOPLE WHEN I’M LEAVING. Wahaha. I kind of wasted all that vacation time idling in front of the computer instead of going out – why? because people thought “oh she’s not leaving yet so i won’t bother her this time.” what’s the problem with that? I’m now cramped up and I’m having trouble fitting it all in. I guess I have to know my priorities by this time since I only have this week and next week to spare. This isn’t going to end up good if random people ask for random lunches or dinners then backout at the last minute or whatever. Crap. I’m going to miss everybody – most especially my family, nee (he’s family!) and all the yummy goodness Philippine cuisine has to offer. In the sense that my music is so much aggravating the situation, I shall try not to romanticize my entry.

Ahh. I hate it. Even my grandma’s choosing her asthmatic son over me – and I’m leaving next week! We haven’t had our quality time yet and she’s still picking her damned spoiled son!!! ARGH. This crappy life makes me wish I have all the time in the world – but having it would make everything meaningless, eh? The duration gives us the emphasis of something; I guess this is why people have long tried to look for the elixir of life. They want to surpass eras and whatnots.

Ugh. Whatever. I need water.


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