Sabaw. Sopas. Nilaga. Soupkaknorr? 😐

I chimed in.

Karma can be bad. Oh I’m scared of bad karma right now. HAHA. Please cut the should-would-could haves and the DUDE. They’re totally freaking me out.



11:57. The eventuality of my second semester’s bright sun-shiny breezy-cold beginning. It feels like I’ve accomplished a whole lot more compared to last week’s hibernation process. Spanish class was boring but my seat mate seems nice. She totally disagreed when I asked her if the professor’s nice. Oh Lord, please let us have a good time this semester. Spanish 2 is a lot harder than grade 3 level Spanish 1. I had a boring lie-truth list. Ambidextrous versus Likes to sleep when it’s cold? Not a good one. I look like a person who never sleeps at all. On the way to meet up with long lost emo brown-red-black haired friend, Ryan, Joel and I talked on the phone. I need my spanish book back, doood. Then after a few moments of pure mockery and unprecedented talk show questions, I hung up and saw Ry. We went to the Honors room with full throttle hesitation and anxiety. Someone please hand him a box of Xanax. He needs it badly. HAHAHA. Too bad, the blissful epitome of heaven was nowhere to be found. How did I sign up? Oh. I already had the requirements so they just threw it on the girl’s desk. In dire need of a boba, Yze, Ryan and I went to Lollicup. It’s outside Mtsac, so we had to cross and everything. I almost got lost between the hustle and bustle of my own mind and the chit chat of the President and her successor. Wahaha. A little later after squirming with delight and drinking my deliciously addicting boba, Lotz called. We went to her building. It was the very first time I’ve been to that part of the campus. One thing I’ve noticed and felt when the scorching heat and blinding light of the sun hit our beautiful place – it wasn’t scorching and there was no heat. It was as cold as any other day in winter – and I hate it. Or I just hate having a big bag to carry around instead of hugging myself for a desperate attempt to attain some heat.

English time. My classmates are okay. We didn’t get to talk. Really. The professor was surprisingly, thankfully, professional. She was somewhat strict and straight-forward. There’s an actress who looks just like her but I forgot her name. She’s okay. I guess I’m going to like her. We’re reading one of the books in my wish list for this semester. V for Vendetta by Alan Moore. Yes, it is a comic book, but it has more depth than any teeny high heeled glitter bound pocket book. This is going to be good. The catch is that we have piles of homework, and we won’t start V until the 8th week. Aww. She made us compose a diagnostic essay. The given situation was: if you were given a chance to talk to any 4 people, who would they be and why? Those four people can be alive, dead or fictional. My first one was Alexander the Great – for dividing and uniting the world, for world peace. The second one was Mother Mary – for love and sacrifice. Then, my mom months before her wedding. Lastly, me – dead. I’d gladly talk to my soul if I’d be given that opportune moment. I’d ask her how I’m going to die, where she is and if I’m going to have a good life. It’s all for the common good and all for the grave matter of redemption and righteousness. Analyzing it tonight, the paper was too serious but I’m sure that’s what I’ll do if it happens in real life.

After the long intriguing line on the bursar’s office, the girl on the opposite side of the counter now knows that I graduated two years younger than the rest of America. AHAHA. kidding. Ah. Then they picked me up and we had to go to compUSA to buy Mommy Leng’s desktop pc. It had Windows Vista in it and it looks great. Too great. I want one but not exactly that one. Anything in exchange for this, please? Pride got the best of me. HAHA. I told Tita Taan that I’m paying for my earphones. I got the same Sony pair that my dad bought in China. But that’s China for Pete’s sake. The cashier scanned it and the monitor read: $49.99. Oh my goodness. I’m not paying $50 for simple retarded headphones, so I told him I’ll just get the other one. It’s a Logitech and it’s $19.99. These companies sure snatch the money out of our pockets, huh? On the way home, it hit me on the head like a big fire extinguisher – some stores sell earphones for 99c. I should have just bought 20 earphones instead of the damned piece of junk. Ugh. I hate it when I’m such a sucker for material things that I end up spending 1000000000% more. The notion of canceling an uber expensive product is totally unbearable. I kept on blushing until 30 minutes after I paid for it.

Hate gets me even more. I just don’t feel at home. It’s awkward and crap, I’d rather study another year in Mtsac than bear with it. But I won’t, of course. The feeling’s mutual, I guess. Come on, remind me again how it’s so bad to try to please others all the time? I cleaned my room. Happy now? I had every wired object locked away in a ziplock bag. All my cosmetics are in their proper bags. There’s now a box alloted for sewing materials. All I need now is to clean my desk a little more. Isn’t it trying too hard? It’s now 12:33AM and we’ll leave the house by 7:15AM. It’s not all sunshine in California, people.

Or is it just me trying too hard?

Yea, I guess I shouldn’t even if it’s all glowering at me. I should.

Nocturnals emit certain chemicals causing the brain to become pretty fickle minded, don’t forget. And bananas are good for everybody, too. I shall continue this after 4 hours of sleep.

Manila, Manila. 😦

3 things that are freaking me out.

one. social humiliation and personal failure.they go together.




Favored Line of the Night: This life sucks.

Looking at it based from the top of the social ladder, it does, in fact it sucks like a big leech with millions of teeth and vaccuum tongues. On the contrary belief that I usually reject or postpone or all in all dissolve a getaway or an invitation, I’m not so antisocial as you might think. Truthfully speaking, I hate it when I choose to stay at home instead of going to another home, just like tonight, because it wouldn’t necessarily make the solitary feeling fade away. This makes me wish that I’m of legal age and that I have a car or probably, improbably, a plane. I choose this lifestyle and I’m freaking out. Nee where are you? I’m missing yooou. 😦 Choices and their consequences are mostly predictable. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t really be happening right now – ah the ennui surviving within my laziness oh and without due permission, a license, some dough, a car, some more and more friends, a place and probably a nice outfit, this shall not pass. Life shall remain as it is – sucky.

Alternatively, whining and nagging about how boring life is truthfully won’t work. There should be inept optimism and a personal want for change to make things happen. I want my family and my friends. In precisely 24 hours, life shall change yet again. Spring sem, don’t make me not want you. At pwede ba, dun sa kaklase kong aasa sa akin ng libro niya, layuan mo ko. This should better be a blast or else, I’m shopping.

Lss on material girl

If there’s anything people would do to attain a certainly high platform of popularity, they’d definitely give all. Why the heck would people be crying on national television when in reality and in context, they should be the tough ones proclaiming the truth without whatsoever reason to cry. They’re overreacting. It’s overrated. Oh please tell me this is simply media’s fault for sensationalizing practically every scandal and every bad hair day of these celebrities. Hah. Talk of the town, people are starting to pity some celebrities. Why wouldn’t they? Practically speaking, everybody needs closure and privacy no matter what. Ah. I’m not totally affected by what’s happening but this is just a recall. From what’s happening, maybe we should all be critical on our every single move towards other people’s lives. It’s their lives we’re talking about, for pete’s sake. What I’m trying to impose is that we shouldn’t feed the media’s need for attention and idle talk too much – it’s not healthful for other people, and even if we’re not related to them – in my case, I am not related to them – but it’s not working up for the common good.

America’s / hollywood’s in chaos. Take me home. HAHAHA.

It’s only 621 pm and there’s still a lot of time for productivity. Mr. Sandman, thee who sprinkles magical sand onto our eyes to make us fall asleep, please don’t pass here until I’ve done something good. Sleeping must have idiotically, ironically made my metabolism go boom rah-rah fast cause I’m too hungry to start with anything but munch. I hope I’m still making sense because this power noodle is starting to deteriorate. nyahaha. Oh Nee’s online. Congratulate and adorn him with everlasting flowers because he got in a good school. Everlasting flowers what the heck. hahahaha.

Nee, can I have some toasted sisig? Wah. I wanna eaaaat but I don’t want to go boomboom 😐


cross eyed

Time for sleep is scarce – not, rather, I’m too lazy to sleep. Better fix this or I’ll collapse in school. Can’t imagine it even if I could.

Ah. I love seeing that face – that ardorable cute chubby face. :p Gigil.

edit. And I can’t wait till the clock strikes 2 or 3 or 4. I don’t know. After more or less 15 hours of sleep, I’m probably going to end up like some fat pig on the loose. Nothing productive done today – only an hour’s worth of Grey’s Anatomy, tons of delectable dishes and a nice game of fetch with Chloe. Body clock, please do straighten up.

Blaming the unrestricted circumstances of having a cross on my forehead and a chill on my spine, I am going to bore the world with surveys that make me unbored. Have fun. :p

Friendster. From nezzy!!!

1. A Cuddler? Eeh. asi-asi. depends on whom I am with.
2. A morning person? If I say yes, will it give me the right to stay asleep the whole time? 😀
3. Are you a perfectionist? Pretty much.
4. An only child? Aww!No!
5. Religious? I am 70% religious and 30% undefined.
6. In your pajamas? Which reminds me..hold on I’ll change back to those pyjamas.
7. Left handed? Yes.
1. Friend you saw. Nee!!!
2. Talked to on the phone. Lotz.
3. Text. Nee!!!
4. Message over friendster. No idea.
5: Instant message. Nee!!!
1. Wore: a black tank under the purple polo plus my favorite blue hoodie.
2. Was today better than yesterday? I hope so.
3. Got any plans. For when? Today: sleep. layout. read. play.
1. Number: 3, 4, 19, 63
2. Color: Blue, red, white, deep purple (?) aaand pink O.o
3. Season: Spring…and summer.
1. Missing: My family!!! Nee!!!
2. Needing: Sleep, a shower, a warm mug of cocoa and some good loving company – neeee
3. Wanting: What I need is also what I want – pretty much.
Q’s AND A’s
Q: What was the 1st thing you did this morning? Open my eyes…and then check the time …on my phone.
Q: Last thing you ate: Chocopie
Q: Do you have anything bothering you? Horrors.
Q: What’s the last movie you saw?: It’s either the Illusionist or the french version of the last kiss or black dahlia wherein I slept 15 minutes after watching.
Q: Where is the last place you went? Church.
Q: Do you smile often?: Yeeeaaaah :D:D:D
Q: Do you wish upon stars? Of course.
Q: Are you a friendly person?: I think so.
Q: Where did you sleep last night?: Guest bed
Q: What color shirt are you wearing?: Purple.
Q:Do you have more guy or girl friends? Err they’re in equal proportions. hehe.
Q: When was the last time you cried? Last night.
Q: What was your last thought before you slept last night? Jesus, please take good care of my family. Keep us safe and keep us together. 🙂
Q: What are you about to do? Answer more surveys until my tummy’s done digesting.
Q: What do you hear right now? Buzz of a jetplane…or a lawnmower.
Q: Anything hurt on your body right now? My back, neck, right armpit and ankles.
Q: What kind of phone provider do you have? err tmobile for samsung and cingular/globe for nokia.
Q: What’s your favorite month? April-May-June-December
Q: What are you doing at 9 pm tomorrow night? I’ll probably be staring at my computer screen wondering what to do.
Q: Whats your favorite Starbucks drink? White chocolate blah latte
Q: Do you prefer coffee or tea? Tea.
Q: Something red within 5 feet of you? Yea, the figure 8 toning pilates-yoga equipment.
Q: The weirdest thing that has happened this week? Last night’s preliminary dream.
Q: Favorite sparkly things? Ah. my rings and earrings and that new blue bangle.
Q: Do you look good in yellow? I look good no matter what. Nyahaha.
Q: Ever sing in public? Yep. Don’t remind me.
Q: Least favorite color? Look at papa’s favorite shirt. HEHEHE.
Q: Favorite kind of pizza? As long as it’s got one humongous stuffed crust. 😀
Q: Ever had Dippin Dots? Yep.
Q: How old were you when you got acell phone? Hmm. 10 y/o.
Q: Do you own your house? nope.
Q: Have you ever had to get a restraining order? *gives a big-eyed guilty look and runs for cover*
After answering 2 more unposted surveys, they seemed too predictable and repetitive all of a sudden. Ah I’m getting old. Back to reading. I’m so slow I’m just starting the second major chapter of the book. I want bananas, grapes and more cream cheese, please. They said I should fast, too. I’m only allowed one full meal a day. Isn’t that nourishing? Fruits, pleeease. lalalala

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