Impulse: For Emergency Purposes Only

This is one of the few days that I’m going to find consolation from Harry Potter. A week is passing and I’m running out of days until I say buh-bye to my dear old post-colonially affected land. This week is supposed to be filled up to the very last day, but to my dismay, less than half of the activities got scratched off the list due to unforseen and unreasonable circumstances. Heck. The trip to Embassy is cancelled because of monetary, social and transportational reasons. Little did I know that my Mom and Dad let me go there already. If that wasn’t enough, I told her happily that it’s better if I’m not going because it would scrape a lot off my pocket. Now that I’m having second thoughts whether we did the right thing or not. I WANT TO GO THERE.  Not only that, I even managed to empty my wallet last week by buying all my ostentatious necessities for the heck of showing myself this week. I thought I had to look like a humanbeing so I had to get the essentials. So much for that, eh? Not so.

My back is aching – ugh but I guess I’ll thank the spa tomorrow for relieving me of my temporary madness. I’m complaining too much. My demands are ever so growing that I myself can’t cope with it. There’s a jerk feeling like some bad ass hottie but HE IS NOT. oh please. I am not talking to you nor am I going to talk good about you till you start talking normally, properly. 

There’s a whole lot more.


—I’m good at saying all the bad stuff but I can’t enumerate the good ones, noh?? creep.

Don’t read the top part. It’s all undenyingly inevitable that I like the bad side of things and I complicate them too. Ah where’s the book when I need it?


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