With a blurry vision and an even clouded mind, I shall commence in a recapitulation of what has happened to my great life this week. Being the planning phony that I am, I had to write everything down. It turns out that I didn’t do at least half of them but that’s okay. Sister Cristeta invited me and we chatted for at least an hour. She gave me food and gifts and ugh, I can’t bare the shyness within me. hahaha. She even made me play the piano again. I’m so thankful. It’s like rekindling the spirit of my late gradeschool and early highschool days. I miss my life back then. Looking back, it seems all perfect even if I know I committed a lot of mistakes and I was still too timid to work for my dreams. The good thing is that I’m at least happy I’ve been there and I’ve done those things because I won’t be who I am today without them. These are perfect cliches which I’m sure old people feel – and even if I want to admit that I hate it, I don’t.

That doesn’t make much sense does it? I’m still this attached to SHS.

Instead of going out and taking pictures, I stayed at home. Kyle asked me to go to the mall with them and I still stayed home. Ah. Harry Potter won. Too bad Dumbledore lost. I’m still loathing Snape and every bit of oil there is on his hair.

Mommy Lola treated me to the spa. Err. I wanted a back scrub and full body massage but they didn’t want to because of pimples. Curse those filthy nasty looking bumps! They gave me the back treatment instead. It was okay considering it’s my first time to have taken half of my clothes off and lay there with some lady doing whatever on my back. I just hate the part when the whitening mask got stuck on my hair. It looked N-A-S-T-Y. Anyway, I had loads of fun that day. I miss Mommy. Oh please come back. Thanks Meh (that’s what I call her. haha.).

This morning I had some confusing drama-filled moments but the day went well naturally. Thanks to the kid who nearly messed up my plan. I still like how the day went well. I had fun too. That was one wild Sandiwa Jollibee Reunion. Thanks Reyno for the invite and all that jazz! Oh gosh I miss all of you! See you next time!

I’m in no mood to do this. My back aches. Posture check. Thanks.

You guys know the drill. It’s in my Multiply.


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