yes, we’re going to hell.

Synthesize this.

The discovery of the animated banner thrilled me but I can’t make one due to lack of creativity.
Bust A Groove 2 amazes me but I keep on losing.
I am doing that for my own future but I’m killing myself in the process.
We don’t have any right to do it but if we don’t we will still end up having a tea party with satan.
Someone tear me up in two, please. I have to see it.

This == Paranoia == Eternal Damnation == Someday we’ll find out the reason for all of this. I know it’s something more than simply crunching our insides out. There’s no other reason not to.

On the other side of the rainbow…

The beauty bible is now within my grasp. I am going on a shopping spree. There are people who care a lot – a whole lot. Oh and we don’t have to try too hard to please.

There’s a great big blob of a jerome vincent helping me out. HAHA. sodom on the left and gomorrah on the right – let’s turn back before it starts to eat us. ooh and (-1)(-1) = +1. yes, pretty much.


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