Hello America.

This month has probably got to be one of my most boring months. KIDDING. February is the best and worst month ever – just like any other extraordinary month. I’ve lost the spark in blogging since a lot of random unforgettable things happened. Now I’m back to assuring my insecurities that there’s still that itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow limelight on the other side of the road. I don’t want to go to school yet – now that I have just made up my mind in sticking to my four old subjects. Ah. I came here to study didn’t I? The point is that I’m not pretty sure what the exact point is. Where are you? I miss you.

ps. I can’t believe I’m currently relying on chikka messenger to deliver all my love to the philippines. Oh and the fact that I am still awake even if it’s 4am, and I should be sleeping due to jetlag makes me incapable of using jetlag as an alibi to skip school. woot. Every single small problem enhances its beauty by just one click of the tongue. My eyes hurt. My throat croaks. My back is painful. Everything seems to weaken me. HAH. It’s all in my head.

I got my two 2smrt4u rings already. Who wants the other one?

My mind just shut itself down a few seconds ago. Good night.


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