There you see her…

If in a customary jetlag, people wouldn’t think otherwise to wake you up as early as 6 and let you sleep by sunset – but no, I woke up 5 in the afternoon today and it isn’t helping me. My eyebags are already 6 feet below me and my posture looks like I’m gollum’s sister. Ugh. This week won’t be so good – I can tell. Maybe next week it’ll be all right. I want to see the outside world already! wahaha. I’m blaming my room for locking me here. pssh. Anyway, I’m so lazy to do anything that’s why I’m not even bothering to change my Spring schedule. There are only 4 classes in it and I’d be done by 430 every single day, from monday to thursday. How about that? It’s not forcing me to have as much random activities as possible – oh and I should get straight A’s by this time. What’s in store for this semester is pretty much planned all the way from the lunch break meetings up to the rent-a-car roadtrips by the start of summer. I’m pretty much digging it. (CUT THE CRAP I DON’T USE THAT WORD. HAHAHA) The only thing I’m going to miss is the everyday crazy picture taking with my old hot friends from back home. Ah. But I have to enjoy here, too, right?

If there’s a list of resolutions for my following semester, then it’s coming up in a while. To deny that I am, in reality, boring myself even if I shouldn’t be, is such a joke. Heck. There are a lot of things I can do today but I’m just too lazy to get my butt of the bed. HEHEHE. Here’s what I want to do this semester and if I fail at least 2 then I’d spank myself to hell. OOH that would be hot. not.

  • Remove my jetlag – but I like it so much!
  • Finish the book, Wicked. (I had it since last sem but I’m always too lazy to finish it.)
  • Finish a game on the psp.
  • Have the 360 fixed.
  • Do the laundry regularly.
  • Get straight A’s even if I’ve forgotten all my past lessons.
  • Join whatever wholesome activity I can join.
  • Be my best.
  • Make the most of everything.
  • Wear my retainers every night.
  • Learn to cook.
  • Go to the gym every weekend / swim or just clean the pool every weekend.
  • Go somewhere.
  • Stop the Kiss the Girl obsession. …which reminds me…
  • Stick and accomplish a gread idee fixe just for the sake of a good national revolution back home.



Since the day started by 5pm, it shall end that way too. I’m despising my current body clock because it forced me to take a bath at 10 in the evening. It’s not healthful. Anyway, Ryan and I were talking about the portal to the american social life. Guess what that is. Yes. MySpace pretty much sums all of the freedom land’s cliques. In response to the peer pressure and media-dictated culture of this land, I’m now fixing my old profile. It’s coming back to life, like it or not. Now my only problem is that I can’t decide on what theme to put and how Kiss the Girl can be played on the site. Ladida.

I pity Britney for being such a camera hogger oh and Anna Nicole’s baby too. Two men are fighting over her just to give her another wasted too publicized life. Come on people, just because we’ve got nothing to do doesn’t necessitate us to meddle with other people’s lives and televise it for money. For future references, I’m already taking that line back since I might also work for the media. hehe.

Back to couch potato talk. I’m going to see the outside world tomorrow and the day after that! ooh goodie. How? I’m going to mtsac to vandalize everything so that they will delay classes. HAHA KIDDING. they might kill me for this. My long lost over 18 unit for is going to be filed tomorrow so wish me luck that I still have my slang in me so the stupid receptionist won’t let me repeat what i’m saying over and over. hahaha. ew.

Now’s the time to read wicked and seed those two unleechable torrents.outoutout.


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