a b c

I promise I’ll do at least one of the following today and prove it to the world that I’m not nocturnal. O.o

a. Take a nap.

b. Sleep before 9 pm and wake up relevantly early so I’d still be sleepy by the following night.

c. Punish and kill myself by not sleeping at all.

I need my planner for these kinds of things, not my blog. ugh.


616 is the number that’s going to choke me to death. Someone please remove the silly sod away from my laptop screen and pulverize it away from humanity and reality. It awes me how colossal america makes from international students like me. Should I really be guilty if I’m still taking whichever classes sooner or later? I picked the former choice and this is what I get? An idee fixe so unfair creeps me. Ah but I have my dream of getting into a substantially prestigious school, shouldn’t I forget. To sum this all up, I either have to win in some forsaken lottery with minute possibilities of actually winning or find the end of the rainbow and dance with leprechauns to get the gold or smack me hard, I have to get a job – which is virtually legally speaking, impossible to transpire. Someday, probably someday, when I’m not an expensive slab anymore, maybe I can give it all back for what it’s all worth.

Times like these awaken the alter ego a.k.a. my schizo partner. She’s telling me we/I definitely need to cause a good national revolution without having to run for president. Gloria would be insulted to have someone younger and cuter but with the same height replace her greatness. Oh and schizo partner’s telling me to cut the crap and tell my classmate to back off since he’s totally scaring me. Next topic, don’t wanna talk about that previous sentence. lalala.

I’ve gone through the long process of smiling, looking innocent enough for a separate adviser to help me with my form, waiting in the cold and finding out I should’ve just stayed inside and finally talking to my international adviser about my classes. She can’t believe I’m taking Spanish2 even if she’s the one who made me take it. Pardon her obliviousness, I had to listen to her rants about accepting international students’ appointments. Yes, that IS her job but what the fuss, we should let her relax, my friends. She’s a mess comparing to my unbathed disposition a while ago.

Observing through my eyebagged peepers, a lot of things happened during my first outside world trip. Some old guy was singing and when I looked at my phone he said, “you takin’ a picture o’ yourself?” and I answered, “nah!”, which then christened an idea to do likewise. There were a lot of incoming students who wanted to register but haven’t done so since they haven’t taken the orientation and placement exams yet. Isn’t that interesting? Tomorrow’s the deadline for credit class registration, babes. With an accomplished state of being, I am now going to rest for an hour (it’s pronounced ou-er not hur. i’m restricted up to the tinsiest slang diphthongs. my aunts love to laugh out loud like there’s thunder rolling down the hills and the giants are crying for the sun or something like that, just so you know. haha kidding.), and after resting, I shall do the laundry and try again for another set of subjects for this spring. Come what may, I shan’t disappoint my future nor my family because I’m such a pleaser who tries to please everybody but fails to do so since she’s also a perfectionist who loves to please herself which in turn contradicts the whole trying-to-please-everybody-thing. Yes, this hyperactivity must stop. Later dear cyber world, I won’t stop cause I’ve got nothing else great to do.

which reminds me… I still have to finish the layout for my hottie. Flash menus are probably going to come out later this week. I’m interested in stars and triangles. too bad their mascot is a snake.

kung hei fat choi. merry christmas too. speaking of christmas, I want to dress up again – they’re not directly related to each other but I want them to. In anyway I look at it, I’d love to have a dress tailored. Tal referred the one who made hers. I like it. Too much that I’m now looking forward for spring and summer so I can wear dresses everyday – and gowns every night – Nee please tell me you’re coming here so I’d have a good reason to dress up.

After a three way conversation with lotz and grace, I’ve decided that if there’s nothing I can do, then I’d simply stalk the one person who volunteers to be stalked instead. Yea everytime I do that, I create my own problem. nee where are ya? mwahaha. It was a laughing spree honestly.

later šŸ™‚


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