Lss on material girl

If there’s anything people would do to attain a certainly high platform of popularity, they’d definitely give all. Why the heck would people be crying on national television when in reality and in context, they should be the tough ones proclaiming the truth without whatsoever reason to cry. They’re overreacting. It’s overrated. Oh please tell me this is simply media’s fault for sensationalizing practically every scandal and every bad hair day of these celebrities. Hah. Talk of the town, people are starting to pity some celebrities. Why wouldn’t they? Practically speaking, everybody needs closure and privacy no matter what. Ah. I’m not totally affected by what’s happening but this is just a recall. From what’s happening, maybe we should all be critical on our every single move towards other people’s lives. It’s their lives we’re talking about, for pete’s sake. What I’m trying to impose is that we shouldn’t feed the media’s need for attention and idle talk too much – it’s not healthful for other people, and even if we’re not related to them – in my case, I am not related to them – but it’s not working up for the common good.

America’s / hollywood’s in chaos. Take me home. HAHAHA.

It’s only 621 pm and there’s still a lot of time for productivity. Mr. Sandman, thee who sprinkles magical sand onto our eyes to make us fall asleep, please don’t pass here until I’ve done something good. Sleeping must have idiotically, ironically made my metabolism go boom rah-rah fast cause I’m too hungry to start with anything but munch. I hope I’m still making sense because this power noodle is starting to deteriorate. nyahaha. Oh Nee’s online. Congratulate and adorn him with everlasting flowers because he got in a good school. Everlasting flowers what the heck. hahahaha.

Nee, can I have some toasted sisig? Wah. I wanna eaaaat but I don’t want to go boomboom šŸ˜



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