Favored Line of the Night: This life sucks.

Looking at it based from the top of the social ladder, it does, in fact it sucks like a big leech with millions of teeth and vaccuum tongues. On the contrary belief that I usually reject or postpone or all in all dissolve a getaway or an invitation, I’m not so antisocial as you might think. Truthfully speaking, I hate it when I choose to stay at home instead of going to another home, just like tonight, because it wouldn’t necessarily make the solitary feeling fade away. This makes me wish that I’m of legal age and that I have a car or probably, improbably, a plane. I choose this lifestyle and I’m freaking out. Nee where are you? I’m missing yooou. šŸ˜¦ Choices and their consequences are mostly predictable. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t really be happening right now – ah the ennui surviving within my laziness oh and without due permission, a license, some dough, a car, some more and more friends, a place and probably a nice outfit, this shall not pass. Life shall remain as it is – sucky.

Alternatively, whining and nagging about how boring life is truthfully won’t work. There should be inept optimism and a personal want for change to make things happen. I want my family and my friends. In precisely 24 hours, life shall change yet again. Spring sem, don’t make me not want you. At pwede ba, dun sa kaklase kong aasa sa akin ng libro niya, layuan mo ko. This should better be a blast or else, I’m shopping.


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