That’s what my classmate told me. Cause I can’t. I so cannot. I had a spanish essay due yesterday and I slept it out. No idea why.

I’ve got all types of homework due next Monday and Tuesday, and what am I doing? Myspace. 😐


Anyway, yesterday was one heck of a day. I loved both the plan and execution part. haha. Woo. Peter is so crazy. I hate you guys. HAHAH. Yea okay thug line of the day was Don’t Hate, Appreciate. Crazy line was “Akin na ulo mo dali. ~ Anong ulo?” HAHAHAHA. Pssh.Β  It was fun. Probably one of the most fun days of the month. Eh? πŸ™‚

Long stories become shorter. The silence tells it all.



What will happen tomorrow? What happened today? How do we define ourselves? How should we?
I don’t know.
Why do we feel so melancholic even if we keep on laughing all day? Why do these things happen?Because everything has a reason?
I’m not sure about that, either.

Though we’re only halfway down the week, tomorrow’s going to be the last day for anything bad and good to happen. I can’t assure myself tonight that tomorrow is an opportunity. I cannot sleep tonight knowing I can’t. I just wish my Mom’s here right now. She can make me laugh. Really. And my whole family, too. Those corny jokes and pointless fights are missed. I don’t know. They’re the people I can’t live with for the rest of my life because that would be too annoying, but I cannot live without them, either.

With nights like these, it feels like sleep is just another reason to procrastinate. Slumber does not refreshen nor enliven me anymore. I want my good dreams back. I want to think happy thoughts. I want to have a break.

School is overwhelming these days.


Please tell me the good chakra is with Ryan now. It’s too hard to control.

What if I found out that that person knows how to speak in tagalog or whatever. I’M GONNA DIE OF SHAME. HAHAHA.

See how overwhelming life is???


My good chakra, where are you!? I better get my priorities straight because the good chakra’s rubbing off. Crap. I wish to get in touch with my chakra every moment possible. I wish I wish the almighty, all knowing quarter is right. Oh crap. Acads first. Or or…it’s not hot anymore:

if (me > intelligence && intelligence == sexy)

me = sexy;


me = loser;

Darncrapthisthing. What or who or when or where is the new shiz? I gotta get there fast cause this losing end’s pretty darn moldy.

Cupcakes and ice cream cones make me smile. At least not so much anymore. 😐 I shouldn’t care. I shouldn’t. But cupcakes are yummy. I want a muffin. I’ll get that instead.

Yes. If girls are rollercoasters and life is a rollercoaster, then life is a girl. suppose that the rollercoaster is a killer then life would be a …..

wahaha. 😐

I so don’t like the way I get my brain souped for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m blaming it for the subsequent decrease in my chakra. Crap. Is this really a combination of math and chakras?! 😐

At least it’s still important. Whatever IT refers to. Chakras. Oh.

Someone save me. 😐

hahaha. This is so desperate. I have to get out.

RYAN!!! kung nababasa mo to…


sinong katabi ko???





❀ ❀ ❀ ice cream cones yan ❀ ❀ ❀





I thought this day was going to be a glimpse of the end of the world or something. The weather was all screwed up; I was pretty crazy today, too. GOOD CHAKRA. YES YES. All of the chi was gone by 1pm after that one heck of a soupy speech, but I regained it altogether again. When? It was at the time when I entered the math class and found out how stupid I was for forgetting or not really studying enough. It was at the time before that when the quarter gave me the answers to all my worldly problems. It was at that time. It was after eating spaghetti and crispy chicken from Jollibee. It was after checking my mail when I found out how many I had to read. It was at that time.

I’m not really know when that time occurred but I’m pretty sure THE GOOD CHAKRA IS BACK and I’m loving it.

Though I’m not really disclosing whatever ‘good chakra’ means or how and why I have it, I’m still sharing it to the whole wide web. Get a life works but it hasn’t reached its full turn yet. It’s all good. I’m not making any sense because this is a soupy day and my brain has turned into chicken noodle soup when I woke up this morning and discovered how much work I had had to finish for computer. Thanks to my seatmate who slept the whole time, I now understand how pointers work. NOT.

It’s all in the cake, the noodles, the water, the weather, the code, the cupcakes, the ice cream cones and yea, it’s all in the chakra. Keep the chi. Keep the chi.

positive karma, yo.

‘whatever’ daw o.

madaling mag-akala.
madaling madali.
at nag-akala ako.
nagsubaling totoo nga.
pero hindi, eh.
mali na naman ako.
ayun. talo.

kaya eto,
babalik nalang ako
sa dating buhay
na ewan ko ba
ewan ko talaga.

sana mali na naman
ako sa aking pag-aakala
sana nga tama yung una
kong akala
kasi mas masaya yun
kesa sa ngayon.

oo na. malaki na eyebags ko
abot south pole na oo na
pero oo sige masaya na nga kayo
lahat diyan sa pinas
at kami nagluluksa pa rin
kasi hindi kami makaalis ng bahay

pero oo babawi rin kami
kasi may get a life nga di ba
at oo masaya magkaron ng
mga bagong kaibigan
ngayon ko lang naisip
kami kami lang din naman
yung magdadamayan.

ala una na.
gising pa ko.
kasi hindi ko alam kung
matutulog ba ko
o itutuloy ko ang essay ko
isang pahina nalang
tapos na.
pero takte.
mas masaya kung may
ka-chikka ako habang
nag iimbento ng kalokohan
kung paano maging isang bum.
ampanget pala nung essay ko
baka hindi niya magustuhan.
gagalingan ko nalang
pero hindi ko alam kung trip niya
yung mga trip ko eh.
tulungan niyo ko.

hindi ko masulat ng ingles
kasi hindi ko kilala
mga nagbabasa ng lecheng
dayari ko.
malay ko ba
kung katabi ko lang pala
sa kung saang klase yun.
o diba.
ewan. ganon e.

o sige sabaw na.
pagnadepress pa ako lalo
kakatingin ng mga
letrato ng mga tao sa multiply
magdadala na ako
ng camera bukas
aaraw arawin ko na
ang pagiging isang
mapagmahal sa sarili.
oo. sige
buenas noches.
ano ba yun sa tagalog?
magandang gabi.

Take Me Away.

Prinsesa. πŸ™‚ Song of the night, eh?

Climax of my cramming pleasures shall be met tomorrow evening. Tonight I’m still procrastinating. All I did was the computer homework which comprised of almost 8 chapters. I’m not sure if it’s 7 or 6 or 8 – whichever. Numbers don’t matter till they pay the rent and the tuition fees, right? 😐 My eyes hurt but I’m too stubborn to wear my glasses. Yes, I’m become blind by the day, but that’s all right. haha. what the heck. I’m sleepy.

Dalhin mo ako sa iyong palasyo. Maglakad tayo sa hardin ng iyong kaharian. O aking prinsesa. πŸ™‚

oh anybody, please shock my brain so it’ll stop thinking about random things I dare not think or say.



Need I say more?

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