If you found out how geeky I was, then you won’t really want to know. I won’t tell anyway. Hah. But being Asian and all, I’ll live up to the title and leave no space for mystery. (Though that’s actually an insult to the mysterious morals of my ancestors.) A lot of people seem to be at ease today – I met several folks today. It feels like Spring Sem just got a jump start to reality and societal circle of connections.

Anyway, this is how youthful my looks affect people. Wahaha:

The girl on the other side of the counter on carls jr. asked me, “how old are you?” Then I said, “I’m seventeeeeen!”

She said, “oh! I thought you’re TEN!”

then she and the guy beside her started talking about how young I look. She called back to me and told me that she meant it as a compliment. HAHA.

That’s a record breaker. I’m now officially a 10-year-old girl in disguise. LOOOL.

That was fun. Another thing that’s so fun tonight is the fact that I CAN NOW UNDERSTAND CALCULUS. Thanks, Dear God.

Initially, I thought I can narrate everything here, but Voltaire said the biggest mistake would be to say everything. I’d leave some space for mystery – if that’s even allowed to be stated. lol

Not making sense now. I miss home. My tummy still hurts.

No more complaints starting now.


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