This has got to be the best movie of the year, DOOOD. hahahaha. oh my goodness. I’m dying to tell the world how great it is. The whole movie felt like highschool world history and my filmography dream came to life! It’s so good and brutal and the blood. oh the blood is making me shiver and yearn for more. HAHAHA. If there was a camera (just like philippine movie premieres where they get the feedback and air it on tv), I’d be flashing my whole soul just for the sake of that movie. hahahahaha. KIDDING. NO WAY. BUT IT WAS HELLA GOOD. I was expecting gay scenes from the general’s son and his playmate but brokeback mountain seems to have taken it all. PSHH. I WANT GAY SCENES. hahahahaha.

If only I could get into that industry then all my dreams’ dreams would come true. psshhhh. It’s one heck of a gruesome movie. Please make more. I want more of those slow-motioned, grainy films where all you can see is blood, blood and some insides being ripped out therefore making more blood. haha. I just loooove historical movies.

See people? Art imitates life, not the other way around. Movies that are non-fictionally based are so much better than fantasmical ones. Ah. They make me feel like I’m ready to die. NOT.

To the people concerned, please please pleeease release the DVD soon.

Now I can’t think of anything better to do but tell the world of this blood-gushing movie. I really thought Xerxes was gay. PSHAW.

Final words? 300. The best not-so-gay movie of 2007. Will you guys please make a gay sequel of this?!?!?!

edit. Habang ang buong mundo ay nagsasaya, mag aaral ako. At habang lahat kayo nagbbertdey, ikain niyo nalang ako ng kung anong makakain diyan. Salamat. Haha. Crap. This solitary life sucks. I need my license..and a car. wootwoot.


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