Lost Paradise woke me up.

What the heck has gotten into my veins that I’m now starting to think like a nerd. TAKE NOTE: THINK. Not act like one but simply think like one. The acting out process succeeds the thinking but I’ll probably stop the thinking part when the acting starts to show up. I’m not making much sense if you don’t understand what I’m saying. Nevertheless, I’ll still blabber on even if you don’t know or don’t give a crap about what I am saying.

In my journey towards self-actualization, I’ve noticed how an initial positive attitude tends to change everything  – positively. I started Spring semester with high hopes of getting a life. I haven’t really attained such a desirable right to proclaim that we have – yet – we’re in the process. But heck, school has been driving me nuts and I guess this is part of that life I was looking for. 19 units here seems a bit too much for lazy people like me – and I’m working my ass and eyebags off in order to pass and at least look primp and proper in my classes. Looking like an old hag intimidates people. =D

I’m straying from my topic oh no!!! not that I had a real topic to start with though. haha.

Ah. My point is, if people think positive, then it would be a good start. Thinking isn’t the only thing necessary for things to happen. There’s an awful amount of work to be done, too. Just like homework, it’s all work – but it’s fun if we think it’s fun. It’s all a matter of perception and acceptance of things.

Nee where are yaaa I’m missing you 😦

My duty to dreamland calls. Toodledoos!


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