Teh Larvae Diary

Mae sent me some yucky pic. I still get the chills when I remember it. After sending it to several people, some people asked me if it’s true. After some research I found out that the picture was just edited and the story was only fabricated enough to circulate the world wide web. That’s one heck of a lesson learned: make sure the facts are straight and it’s all real before doing anything else. I even had the urge to take a long bath even if it was already 12 in the morning because I didn’t want it to happen to me. Oh the calls of paranoia.

My left elbow hurts.

I messaged someone in myspace thinking he was my seatmate in computer science.  The guy said he doesn’t know me and all that crap. What in the world is happening? Is this an embarrassing weekend where home isn’t such a safe place anymore? Oh crap.

Time to do my homework because that’s what free time is all about. NOT. I hate it but I have to do it. The good thing is that I’m learning from what I’m doing. Please let me not screw up on the calculus exam. I need to get an A.


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