RYAN!!! kung nababasa mo to…


sinong katabi ko???




❤ ❤ ❤ ice cream cones yan ❤ ❤ ❤





I thought this day was going to be a glimpse of the end of the world or something. The weather was all screwed up; I was pretty crazy today, too. GOOD CHAKRA. YES YES. All of the chi was gone by 1pm after that one heck of a soupy speech, but I regained it altogether again. When? It was at the time when I entered the math class and found out how stupid I was for forgetting or not really studying enough. It was at the time before that when the quarter gave me the answers to all my worldly problems. It was at that time. It was after eating spaghetti and crispy chicken from Jollibee. It was after checking my mail when I found out how many I had to read. It was at that time.

I’m not really know when that time occurred but I’m pretty sure THE GOOD CHAKRA IS BACK and I’m loving it.

Though I’m not really disclosing whatever ‘good chakra’ means or how and why I have it, I’m still sharing it to the whole wide web. Get a life works but it hasn’t reached its full turn yet. It’s all good. I’m not making any sense because this is a soupy day and my brain has turned into chicken noodle soup when I woke up this morning and discovered how much work I had had to finish for computer. Thanks to my seatmate who slept the whole time, I now understand how pointers work. NOT.

It’s all in the cake, the noodles, the water, the weather, the code, the cupcakes, the ice cream cones and yea, it’s all in the chakra. Keep the chi. Keep the chi.

positive karma, yo.


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