My good chakra, where are you!? I better get my priorities straight because the good chakra’s rubbing off. Crap. I wish to get in touch with my chakra every moment possible. I wish I wish the almighty, all knowing quarter is right. Oh crap. Acads first. Or or…it’s not hot anymore:

if (me > intelligence && intelligence == sexy)

me = sexy;


me = loser;

Darncrapthisthing. What or who or when or where is the new shiz? I gotta get there fast cause this losing end’s pretty darn moldy.

Cupcakes and ice cream cones make me smile. At least not so much anymore. 😐 I shouldn’t care. I shouldn’t. But cupcakes are yummy. I want a muffin. I’ll get that instead.

Yes. If girls are rollercoasters and life is a rollercoaster, then life is a girl. suppose that the rollercoaster is a killer then life would be a …..

wahaha. 😐

I so don’t like the way I get my brain souped for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m blaming it for the subsequent decrease in my chakra. Crap. Is this really a combination of math and chakras?! 😐

At least it’s still important. Whatever IT refers to. Chakras. Oh.

Someone save me. 😐

hahaha. This is so desperate. I have to get out.


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