What will happen tomorrow? What happened today? How do we define ourselves? How should we?
I don’t know.
Why do we feel so melancholic even if we keep on laughing all day? Why do these things happen?Because everything has a reason?
I’m not sure about that, either.

Though we’re only halfway down the week, tomorrow’s going to be the last day for anything bad and good to happen. I can’t assure myself tonight that tomorrow is an opportunity. I cannot sleep tonight knowing I can’t. I just wish my Mom’s here right now. She can make me laugh. Really. And my whole family, too. Those corny jokes and pointless fights are missed. I don’t know. They’re the people I can’t live with for the rest of my life because that would be too annoying, but I cannot live without them, either.

With nights like these, it feels like sleep is just another reason to procrastinate. Slumber does not refreshen nor enliven me anymore. I want my good dreams back. I want to think happy thoughts. I want to have a break.

School is overwhelming these days.


Please tell me the good chakra is with Ryan now. It’s too hard to control.

What if I found out that that person knows how to speak in tagalog or whatever. I’M GONNA DIE OF SHAME. HAHAHA.

See how overwhelming life is???


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