Dear Life

Dear Life,

How did the girl treat you so far? Did she torture you with drama and all that teenage hormonal madness that the media is so sensationalizing about? I heard you almost lost your grip during that exam today. You knew them all but you were too busy worrying about not answering them. You knew. After all those nights talking about random things with your friends, you stumble upon something you’ve never really felt before. Even I cannot determine a word precise enough to describe it. It’s happy and sad and everything in between. Regret is a word too vague for not meeting your teacher’s expectations when you have done all you could. Life, you need not end yourself to attain peace. You just have to be still. Keep quiet for a moment and forget all the worldly anxieties you lock within you. I promise, someday you can forget all about the political aspect of education and remember these simple things you learn everyday, inside and outside of the four walls you daydream in. Sometimes in order to please people, you have to learn how to satisfy yourself first. Are you content with what is happening right now? You are not, definitely. Though being human constitutes the capability of making mistakes, please, please do not feel mediocre nor be happy with it. Life, hold on to her because she’s the only person in this world who will take good care of you and whom you will be responsible of. Dear life, please be good to her. She’s breaking down. She is happy though. Don’t worry. She is – really. Just hold her hand or hug her good night because admit it or not, she’s still young.  Dear Life, I know she demands a lot from you but please be patient with her. I, too, believe that the girl will someday repay you and the whole world, also. I hope that by the end of this night, before you close your eyes and dream of chicken nuggets, cheese, sheep, random people and of being naked, please consider all of these. I promise, it’s all going to be on heck of a joyride.




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