Take me.

I’m sorry for what happened in Vtech. Condolences.

Though there are a lot of worse cases than mine, I feel like I’m a few feet nearer to the earth’s core right now. Calculus is not too hard considering that I understand the concept and application. It just hates me. I’m not fond of unrequited love and this one hurts – a lot. I’m learning to love the oh-so-great subject but it keeps on pushing me away. I made a mistake in computing for my current grade and that made me so paranoid. Anyhow, the right computation still qualifies me to become such a sucker at Calculus that I feel like I deserve to fly to Pluto. Remember, it’s not a planet anymore – and that sucks. I miss having Potatoes in the rhyme of the used-to-be nine planets. My Very Eager Mother Just Sold Us Nine Potatoes. Goodbye to darned Pluto. What did my very eager mother sell us?! HAH.

I see the light. YES. I do see it.


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