It’s not highschool.

Fake smiles and fake teeth. Fake bums and fake colors. Fake everything. That’s what’s on some random site which people check out all the time.

Calculus, please love me back. You’re dominating my life. It’s driving me insane. This is only halfway. What if I break up with you. You’d love it, huh? Calculus. Love me back. I swear it’s not only my butt you’re sparing. I love you too much, but you do not notice me.

The ideals stand for their own.

I know tomorrow is cheese and terno day. I also know that I’m on hiatus with my social life. Someone please give me a Guy Fawkes’ mask. Life would seem so much better with that.

All the blood is down in my stomach, and I cannot think too well. Later, world.


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