World, meet my friend, Discretion. She is nice and friendly though she may not seem like she is. Discretion has a great way of rationalizing things, and she knows how to cook, too. I admire her ways of subtlety, of how she keeps things to herself, of how soft-spoken she is, of how she makes a statement without shouting. For all the world knows, there’s closure and assurance in every connection Discretion makes. Life may seem fun and peaceful with my dear friend, but she keeps her nightmares all to herself. In those disturbing nights, the sheep don’t come. Nor the Smurfs. Nor the Goats and the Gremlins. Her fairytale is on pause at night when she’s all alone with herself. She knows she’s in a one way street with her unspoken one-person all-nighter. She knows she cannot think about it, for it will only make matters worse. But pondering on it makes her feel like she’s way back in highschool. Things complicate themselves. I am not exactly sure what will happen with my friend, Discretion. Maybe she can meet my other friend, Delusion. She dreams.

That’s all she can do. That’s all they can both do.

Welcome to my idée fixe.


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