Continental Breakfast and Atlantic Dreams

“I don’t know.”

Yes, I’d rather leave it at that. Thinking about it would sensationalize the issue and it might hinder all mankind from creating a Death Star. Tell me, is it that bad too feel this numb? Let me in. I just want to make that certain power nap dream breathe in life. But is that even possible if racially speaking, I’m being myself too much?

class Trisha

Trisha(int girl = 100, string expression = “leche”, moment = sleep);
goo getBrain();
nuts setBrain();
set<3(string = “…”);

Trisha soul();

You’ll see how my self-loving is affected by the embedding of computer language to my soul. It’s not enough though. That’s just the public class of the whole inheritance is-a and composition has-a block.  Ayee.

Let’s just forget the world. Please? 


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