Hit me up.

Should I pick the lesser evil or go for the gold? The obscurity of consequences are overwhelming just as they are redemptive. Lingering on movie quotes and song lines, this night is pretty much stale. I’ve been cynical since who-knows-when and things are starting to prove that they are simply black and white. If it’s a contract I can spill my blood on, there’s a pair of scissors waiting on my pen holder. No one’s perfect and I cannot pick which imperfection I’m willing to accept to see things perfectly. The heck, I’m still stuck on old games and historic candies. I’d be immaculate without them though. I’m sure the fluidity in context of writing style is pretty much going down the drain tonight but what the heck. Nobody puts baby in the corner. Ah, if only I’m not this fickle-minded and selfish. But I am. Cut the crap, world. You’re making me think too much.

Gah. I’m pissed. I don’t want to study just yet. I know there’s a lot to cram today but I cannot condition myself. The f-. 😐


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